[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Little Red Kindred

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Hey all,

A bit of a late entry, though I have been thinking about entering this competition for a while. I first wanted to take some time to familiarise myself more with the world of Runeterra and the characters within it. After researching all (the many) champions, I decided that I would really like to do an adaptation of Kindred. The idea of somehow using or taking inspiration from the story of the Little Red Riding Hood was there from the start. Nevertheless, I looked at the different animal 'pairs' featured in fairy tales, nursery rhymes and fables for inspiration, but I kept going back to Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

I now have some 'off time' between projects and should be able to pour a good chunk of time into this. I sketched out a few ideas and I think that these two sets of characters would work best.

I think I'll go with something similar to the bottom right combination, but I am open to any suggestions or ideas.

- Gabby
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