[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Void Gnar

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Syblinsk vertex
Hi, I know i'm pretty late but i've been pretty busy finishing my master degree, but now im ready to give my all in this project.
I have chosen Gnar because I really like the transform concept and I like yordles, I also love the void theme so heres a mix up, I'm pretty bad at drwaing but I gave my all to try to make some decent concepts, I will also post the references I am taking from in game size references, as always advice and feedback is appreciated, hope you like it!

Mega Gnar Exploration

Head and arms exploration
Mini Gnar Concept
Size and style references


  • Syblinsk
    Here's some blockout I have been doing lately, some parts are still in exploration, thinking to put back spikes in both forms but still looking at references and looking for options, feedback is appreciated as always.
    Hope you like it!

    Mini Gnar

    Mega Gnar

    Mega Gnar back exploration

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