Fire Totem - New commercially focused team looking for artists


Fire Totem is a new team with a commercial focus, looking for potential team members to join as starting collaborators. The team is still forming and currently we are in heavy need of 2D/3D artists and animators. It is lead by the lead programmer. Please bear in mind that our intentions are that of a commercial team (not a hobby community), oriented at making profits, committing and growing as a team/business.


The first/initial project is yet to be determined taking skills of all members into account, but it is planned to be small scope initially to ensure realistic delivery. Various skill levels are welcome. At the minimum, you would be expected to have enough skill to produce usable graphics assets.


We are using Unreal Engine 4 as our main development platform, Apache™ Subversion (SVN)® as our version control and centralised sharing system, Discord as our messaging platform. Our target platform is Windows PC.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions. Several ways to contact (in order of ) are:

* Join our Discord server through an up-to-date link on
* Send an email to
* Reply to this post.


  • Nathair23
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    Hi, do you have any example of the visual style you are aiming at and the type of game you would like to make?
  • FireTotem
    Nathair23 said:
    Hi, do you have any example of the visual style you are aiming at and the type of game you would like to make?
    Hello, the visual style theme/aesthetic are flexible/to be determined and are expected to be heavily influenced by artists themselves.

    For an initial project of small scope, potential directions could take the form of: simulation/management, small strategy game, random event driven game and turn based games. However these are just a few abstract directions taking scope/complexity into account. Most of the aspects are to be determined taking suggestions and developer ability into account. If you'd like to discuss it in more depth or check on the latest/current concept(s) I encourage you to get in touch on Discord.
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