[WIP] Victorian/steampunk environment

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Larry keyframe
Greetings! After doing my steampunk unicycle (http://polycount.com/discussion/190702/finished-steampunk-unicycle#latest) i got really into that style, and also found out that there is not enough steampunk art displayed. So i decided to do a whole interior scene while getting into materials/lighting/landscape as well as practicing modularity a little bit better.

My inspiration was countless pictures from pinterest, some architecture pictures that really stood out to me were these.

And this is my blockout so far, with some quick uv and ue4 materials thrown to get a feeling of the scene. All the ornaments will be baked at a later stage. I am fairly generous with the polycount for now (scene is at 180k with some panels that will be baked) but will see what to bake down and what not 

For now trying to get the big things done (library, corner finishes etc) and uv/texture, to get into the steampunk feeling, to better populate the scene with assets..! Critiques required! 


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