Render Megascans asset with redshift and houdini ?

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SciMunk null
Hi, I'm a beginner in 3d rendering, mostly doing it for fun.

I am trying to render a megascan asset using redshift in houdini, but no matter how much light or shading configuration i'm trying, I just cannot get it to look 'realistic' (or I may have no idea of what realistic is )

I tried to follow the quixel tutorial to render megascan asset with redshift on 3ds Max, but matching all the shader setup just don't seem to give the same result at all.

about the displacement :
can you use the displacement map with the HighPoly mesh ? or is it only for the LODX mesh?

which of the 3 normal/bump map supplied with the file am I supposed to use ?
Is normalBump a replacement to the simple bump jpg ? is it a mix of both the bump map and the normal map ? 
are one of them better suited for the highpoly mesh or the LOD ?

I also don't understand how to use the roughness map correctly,
on the picture bellow, I use the megascan perview pic supplied with each 3d asset (on the left) as reference, on the right is my personnal attempt.
I tried to change the range of the roughness as usually recommended of different tutorial about it, but the only time it look 'closer' to the preview is when I completely disable the roughness map, the color seem to come back a bit, but then, no roughness...

as a light, i'm using a default redshift sun coming from roughly the same direction as the preview.

with roughness map :

without roughness :

I would really appreciate some insight on how to render these mesh right!

Thanks very much for your help.

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