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Hello all,

This is a current collection of shots I am trying to work on to add to my reel.

I have had some feedback and am currently attempting to fix major issues I'm having with my first shot but would love some additional comments. 

Please feel free to leave feedback, much appreciated.


  • HeXiFy
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    The best way to get critique around here, is if you could upload each individual shot to syncsketch. That way we can scrub through frame by frame and give more precise and exact feedback.

    One big thing that stands out, are the empty frames you're leaving in the clips.. The video should switch on to the next clip on the last frame of animation. Never leave them standing still in empty frames for viewers. The second animation doesn't really make sense. It looks more like you did the rig and you're trying to show off the range of motion of the rig, more than an actual animation. His jumps are too sudden and he bends his foot in an awkward fashion. 
  • AtomicToyRobot
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    AtomicToyRobot polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks Hex, I appreciate the feedback and advice I'll keep those comments in mind moving forward.
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