Baking of multiple high-poly onto multiple low-poly objects using same UV map

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Max 2016.
I have my lowpoly and highpoly meshes. It is supposed to be an robotic character, so the mesh is fairly complex, and lots of things are very close to each other and\or intersecting, so I cannot just merge all lowpoly into one object and bake from there.
Since I want to bake AO from the highpoly, I cannot explode the meshes far enough apart to eradicate intersections either, since this will ruin the AO baking (And if I will not explode it just for AO pass, I'll got same issues with intersecting). I could just export both meshes with matching names and bake them in external program (I use substance painter, and it is possible there), but... I also need to project ID's of materials from my hipoly onto my lowpoly, for ease of texturing. So that option is also out of the question.
The closest I got to a solution is to detach everything from the lowpoly that could be intersecting into different meshes, and apply projection modifiers to them with only corresponding hipoly objects included. That should get rid of the issues with intersections... however, this will get me a ton of separate textures in the result bake, several for each object, and I will need to patch them together in Photoshop, and since their paddings will not respect the missing pieces, it will not be a simple copy and paste, and thus a major headache...
So basically, the question is, is there a way to force max to bake multiple objects onto single texture without merging them into one mesh?
Or, if that's impossible, how can I retain ID's of materials on highpoly when exporting it to OBJ?


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