[Rev-Share] 3D Animator/Rigger needed for Psychological Horror (Indie Team with Multiple Titles)

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Hello, we're Akupara Games (http://akuparagames.com/), an indie publisher and developer, partnered with Little Moth Studios (http://little-moth-studios.tumblr.com/), an insanely talented indie studio.

We're working on the sequel to Little Moth's game Keep in Mind. The title is a psychological horror game, with an emphasis on narrative. The original was released on GameJolt a few years ago, had a huge positive response, and was picked up by Markiplier (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av2Y4P9KlkQ).

Akupara Games' team has been in the industry for 10+ years, and has released 50+ games between our members.

We're looking for someone who really believes in the vision we're creating. We've had successfully released rev-share projects in the past. We will finish this game.

NOW, onto the requirements:

  • High quality animating is mandatory, ideally you know rigging as well
  • The game has low poly 3D art, you should be familiar with working with low poly
  • You should know Unity 3D
  • Little Moth are students, and so the ideal candidate would be a talented student, or recent graduate as well

If you feel you meet these requirements, or want more information, please email david [at] akuparagames [dot] com with your portfolio and resume.

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