Looking for Programmers / Blueprints, Sculpturist , and more [Unpaid, Possible Pay In Future]


Info About Project: 

Project Title:


Needed Position:

3D Sculpturist <-- SUPER NEEDED

3D Modeler <-- Not Needed / Full

Texturing Artist <-- Somewhat Needed

Logo/Design Artist <-- Somewhat Needed

Sound Effects <-- Really Needed

Programmer / Unreal Engine Blueprints <-- Really Needed

Animator <-- Really Needed

(Might have forgotten a few so please just message me with your preferred skill(s))


You and 32 other people are stuck in a 13 floor government facility. You are there because you are apart of a government test on the human people to see what would happen if you were to be told to kill 32 people within 30 minutes. Failing to do so will result in everyone being killed. Know you might be wondering "So What" well you have your own arsenal and if dieing you lose whatever is on your person that you took from your arsenal. You can bring whatever you want back from the building and take whatever you have out but you can lose it if you are not that last one to survive. Do you have what it takes to survive? Can you live? Find Out Yourself!


Engine / Software Used:

Unreal Engine 4, Paint.EXE, Blender, and anything you use, we are open to any and all software as long as the license is open to it.


Studio Name:

TBD (We want to see if we get somewhere with a game before we jump into making a studio)

But we have around 3 full-time people in helping with this project (including me) and 1 part-time person helping. We would like a few more people to help.



TBD (Websites will be made once we start seeing promises in our projects)



You can email me at my alias email: blacksanta0116@gmail.com  (A proper email will be placed here once we see promise)

or you can respond to this forum or message me on here.


Thanks for your time in reading over this, please contact me with any other information.

Also it says Possible Pay in Future, This is said because we do not know where we will be in the next year so if you do make money we will pay for your work and time but we can not promise this!!

P.S If we end up selling this game your position can easily become a paid position but this is a very big depending factor and is in no way promised.


  • Joseph_A_Gagnon
    What texture size do you prefer us using for the creation of the models?
    What art style is this particular project focused on?
    Are we only limited with blender? Can mayas users (like myself) can join your project?
    May we post our finished products for projects in our portfolio?
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