Tomb of Sargeras - Teamwork (World of Warcraft)

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Faf greentooth

I had the honor to be raid supervisor for the Tomb of Sargeras Raid and I really had a lot of fun working with so many talented artists !
My task was to be sure that everybody was doing a cohesive work and aiming in the same direction while providing feedbacks when necessary. (Especially elven and naga areas) 
Working with the designers, we really tried to put few key lore elements for the fans since this place has seen a lot of stories in the Warcraft franchise. (stainglass windows, azshara statue, gul'dan's body and markings...) 

Modeling Artists : 
Patrick Burke : 
Jessica Clarke : 
Jessica Dinh : 
Jeffrey Duval 
Daehi Kim : 
Andrew Matthews 
Fanny Vergne :

Texture Artists : 
Matt O'Connor : 
Ishmael Hoover :


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