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Hey polycount. One of my good friends, Noah Jay drew this rad concept that I want to use as a jumping off point. I'm shooting for the final image to look slightly more serious and fit loosely within the Overwatch style. Comments and crit always welcome, of course.

I'll update here with the latest 3D images once the thread starts getting larger.


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    Handwiches Polycount Sponsor
    Initial blockout for the cabinet and gun.

    Not sure if I want to tip the bill down to give a little less menacing of a vibe (preview lighting could be giving that vibe off too.)

    I want to make the gun a standalone piece in the end, as if a character were able to rip it off from the machine. It doesn't have to be completely functional, just believable.

    I kitbashed the first gun components that came to mind, so I would love to hear any feedback on what components might make a more interesting silhouette. Thanks again, guys!

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