[WIP] JunkTech Cliff Scene

Hello everyone!
I've started working on a project in hopes of learning better modeling and rendering practices. This project's final product will be a short (probably within the 1-2 minute range) animation. I am currently planning on rendering the scene in 3D and the character in 2D.

------------ Inspiration for the 2D/3D style ------------
Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc." Music video

Cartoon Network TV bumper

------------ Concept Drawings ------------
I have a bunch of old drawings that I'm taking ideas from as well, but I think that would be rather spamy to dump those here, so I'll just show the main project leading pieces.

------------ Actual 3D Work ------------

The software I currently have access to is Cinema4D, Blender, Adobe CC 2015 Creative Suite, MeshLab, CrazyBump (and whatever other free/student software I can use).
I so far have been doing my test renders at 800x600 since I'm having to work on a Macbook Pro (witch I can tell is going to be very painful later on)

This is my first test with animated textures (which I'll be using to display videos made in AE)
Note: The background is a 360º image I'm using for GI lighting and I will change its visibility later once I get some cliffs made

After adding my first (very large and messy texture) rocks

The topology on my monitor is not ideal as it was on of the first models I've made.
The rocks are much higher poly than I would like them to be and I will most likely re-do them over the weekend.

My next task after redoing the rocks, is to model some cliffs. I would like the cliffs to rely mostly on texture, normal, and bump maps if possible, since I would like to cut back on polygons and things that will ultimately slow my render time. I would also like to not deal with giant textures. As of now, my idea is to model chunks of cliff as separate models. That would also allow to make more variations to be used later on.

I will try to update as I make significant progress.

Suggestions and critique are both very much welcome!
Thanks for stopping by!
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