Portfolio Feedback Needed (2D/Illustration)


General critique welcome, but I also have a few specific questions:
1) If I wanted more of a concept art portfolio, what kind of pieces should I add to my portfolio?
2) Are there are pieces I should remove or rearrange the order of?

Thanks in advance :)


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    Your environment studies are beautiful.
    personally I would mix up the ladies in the beginning, its pretty much the same image 5 times in a row, we get it, you can paint pretty ladies. there is also some wonky anatomy in them at places. I feel like there is no real weight to the legs on the fist one. you also have some really weird stuff going on in their shoulder/armpit areas when the arms are raised.

    as for the portfolio design itself, there is a lot of scrolling needed. most people wont scroll down more then 2-3 images, and I feel your not using the space of a computer screen properly. maybe it works better on a tablet or something, but you can probably fit 2 images next to each other. or maybe have thumbnails instead.  basically the standing format is hurting the overall viewing when most screens are landscape.

    your weakest pieces are probably nr 2, 4 and 6.

    your strongest are 1, 3 and 8.

    If you want more of a concept art portfolio, you will need more of this.

    I also didnt notice you had two tabs in the top until I wrote this whole thing, just something to think about. might not be that important since you can link different tabs to employers depending on what your applying for.

    Hope that helps!
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