First time UVing in Maya, is this a correct approach?

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Krato polygon
Following a tutorial, we deleted several objects that were identical on the other side of the door. I UV unwrapped the remaining parts and then duplicated them and flipped them Z scale. In the UV editor the new duplicated areas share the exact same position as their partners, one of them is on top and the other is directly below. I'm new to this so forgive me, will these duplicated areas now share the same UV space and when I texture the asset they will simultaneously get the same textures?

ps. sorry my UV map isnt that efficient if you have any tips regarding that as well please let me know!

Here is my work

Here is a screenshot of his work. His stuff is more stretched out, any idea why? It's certainly not because I'm better at unwrapping so I'm a little concerned by this. 

EDIT: I guess it's because he combined the object, not really sure why it would do this but that's ok. 

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