Building a house one program at a time.

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I want to recreate this ranch, I think it provides a lot of unique and interesting materials as well as having a very simple design which looks open to being heavily stylized. My current line up of tools that I'm learning (and want to implement in this exercise) are Blender, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and potentially Unity. I'm sure these tools are sufficient to accomplish this. However, I'm a beginner in all of these programs, especially substance designer/painter, but the point of this exercise (along with all the tutorials I've been watching) is to improve that understanding in a hands-on manner.

-Make 3D model in Blender for export into Substance Painter.
-Make materials in Substance Designer for the bricks, various woods, tiling, and roof.
-Apply these materials to the 3D model in Painter and touch up. 

I apologize for there not being any actually work to critique yet, I will begin this project after work. However, I wanted to post this now in the event anyone has any suggestions regarding alternate tools / tutorials that may help in this project. The core goal out of all of this is to make game assets in Unity down the road. 



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    Krato polygon
    All right, so I got home and got to work. Here is the 3D model, I tried to be as honest as I could to the photo. I may go in and add the the chairs and stuff, maybe not. 

    I need advice regarding how to do the windows, I'm not really sure what to do there. Additionally, what should I do for the screen behind the house? Do substance painter/designer have a solution for that? Any other tips are welcome! This is my first time making anything a house of this detail so if there is anything to look out for please let me know!

    Trouble Areas:
    -How to use substance designer

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