Blender-Wave modifier broken?

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melviso polycounter lvl 6
I am not sure if this is a fact but I would like Blender users to pls try this:

Open a new start up Blender file, Set unit length to centimetres-metric. Add a uv sphere to the scene, add the wave modifier and press play on timeline. The wave modifier works fine.
Notice the sphere's dimensions is 2cm for x, y and z axis. If I increase the dimensions to say 2m each and apply rotation and scale, the wave modifier stops working.
If I resize it back to 2cm for all axis again, apply rotation and scale. the wave modifier works well again. Can I ask why this is?

The only way to apply scale and keep both dimensions and wave modifier animation is to use-apply scale to deltas. If I remember this should be similar to 3dsmax freeze transformations? I don't know why there is no tutorials about this in Blender about deltas or how to freeze transforms if a mesh is scaled or resized before exporting to ue4.



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    What are you asking exactly?  Scale and Dimension are two different things in Blender.
    • Scale refers to the size of the object relative to the size of others.  This provides a non-destructive way to adjust the dimensions of the object.
    • Dimension refers to the true dimensions of an object.  (How big a box would have to be for the object to fit inside it)  You can see this clearly if you look at the animation using the viewport "bounding box" rather than "solid"
    So  when I used the wave modifier on a UV sphere, the scale of the object didn't change, but the dimensions did.  This is because the object is constantly being deformed changing the dimensions of the object.

    I never ran into problems scaling the sphere with the wave modifier by adjusting the scale values as well as the dimension values.  The wave modifier worked constantly.

    Whenever you want to export from blender, you have to apply rotation and scale so that the rotation values are at 0 and scale values are at 1.  

    You can also lock transform/rotation/scale by pressing the lock buttons. This prevents editing those values.  
    So if you only locked the "Z" from location, the object could only move along the "X" and "Y" axis.
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    melviso polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for taking the time to test it. in my own case, if I increase the scale of the sphere to 2m in x, y, and z. The scale is about 100 in each axis and I hit apply scale and rotation. The wave modifier movement disappears. Maybe my Blender version is bugged or something. Will download the latest version which is Blender 2.78c. I am using Blender 2.78.
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