New to vfx and In need of help

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Herst null
Hey guys, dunno if I should ask this here or at the "Career & Education" section but anyway.
This week I started to learn about unity VFX for my college but I'm having a hard time with shaders, I've seen some people use Shader Forge but I don't have the money to pay for it. Do I need to make my own shaders to get a good VFX? If yes, is there a free option for shader forge?

Btw, one more thing, how can I make the rune appearing clockwise effect on this video? 

I saw a video talking about alpha cutoff but the unity default shaders don't have this option anymore, is there a new way to make this? if no, how do I make this effect using an alpha cutoff

Sorry for my bad english, and Thank you for your help ^^
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