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Krato polygon
Hey it's me again,

So this was my first time going from Substance and importing to Unity. I textured a rock asset in Painter, liked what I made, and then exported it to Unity in the same manner they do on the allegorithmic tutorial page. However, my rock looks more like a turd than a stone. What am I doing wrong? I followed along with the map plugging in yet my result is hugely different than what was provided on Painter. 

Like I said, Im new to this, if the answer is blatantly obvious to anyone I'm sorry. It's not obvious to me though. The only thing I can imagine possibly making such a difference is that they added imported the "spherical environment map" from painter. Would the results be that dramatic?

-Used the Unity 5 metallic + AO export
-copied the folder with the maps into Unity and plugged them into the asset. 
-followed along with the same previous steps as shown here:


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