Sketchbook: Gyzmotnik (A-Z of D&D)

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Gyzmotnik triangle
I'm getting into digital miniature sculpting and have set myself a little project for the purposes of having a goal.  I'm going to make an A-Z of monsters from D&D.  Main goals are to take many miniatures to completion and learn as much as I can along the way.  Rules guideline:  at least one letter per week (sourced mostly from Volos guide and Monster Manual).

If all goes well I will put some time/money into printing some later in the summer.  I won't be keying every model, but I will at least try to make models feasable for keying and printing in their final versions (avoiding things like splayed fingers and tiny flyaway details on finals).  Visual style may vary as I find my feet on this one.  I will try to post at least a couple of times per week to keep myself interested - feedback is welcome.


A is for ANNIS HAG:

Please bear in mind, this is day 1 of week 1 - the plan is to do one finished mini per week - degree of finish may vary depending on the free time I have on a given week, but I'm going to try to hold myself to one per week and get through the alphabet.

C&C welcome, also general abuse for falling behind on posting wouldn't go amiss, but I'm hoping that won't be needed.... long road ahead.

Story for the pose on this one... the Annis Hag is known to pull out one of its iron teeth or nails and shape it into a token.  She can communicate through this token with the creature who possesses it.  The pose is meant to be her offering said token - she will be clothed (in human skin rags) in the final.  

Apologies to any Graphic designers who've stumbled here.  At some point once I'm in a flow of actually making minis I will revise this painfully dull layout and branding, for now I wanted to get day 01's WIP up so that I'm more likely to hold myself accountable as I go on.


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