Question: Setting up assets in Unity so I can safely add textures later

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Krato polygon
I'm going to be starting the process of making a game soon with a friend, we really want to get some basic concepts down so we can better understand what we need to do next in order progress the game development. 

1. The main environment tutorial for maya i've been plugging through is oriented around UE4, so all the scales of everything he sets up are set for that engine. How do I set the scales in maya to support future exports to the unity engine after I texture in substance painter.

2. I'm not comfortable enough to start applying textures to any assets I make at this time. I played a game called Rust a while back and the devs in that program used to update the game with occasional objects that were solid matte gray and they later put in textures in future updates. How would I best accomplish a similar process? I would like to export assets (without textures), so we can experiment with them in engine and fine tune them. What file type is ideal and do the basic assets still need maps and other data attached?

thank you!

edit: forget the first question, it looks like its beaten to a pulp in these forums. I dont want to add to it. 


  • RyanB
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    RyanB Polycount Sponsor
    Use a proper naming convention.  For example:

    Export a box from whatever app in FBX.
    Create prefab from FBX
    Object  name:  MBU_Hotel3StoreyB_greybox_0000 in project
    Material name:  MAT_Hotel3StoreyB
    Put instances in the scene, first instance ends in 0001.  Use a script to auto-increment the number.
    Later on you decide to texture.
    Texture name: TBU_Hotel3StoreyB_D  for your Albedo, TBU_Hotel3StoreyB_N for your Normal, etc.
    Use a script to go throught your project and auto-assign textures to correct material slots.

    Be consistent and a script can do it automatically for you.

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