Maya or Zbrush for accessory modeling

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Krato polygon
I've been trying to think of a way to phrase this question without it sounding dumb, but unfortunately it is somewhat dumb. However, I'm curious what the community input is between these two programs as it pertains to modeling accessories. I've seen multiple tutorials now using Zmodeler to make accessories for characters, whether it be belts, random pieces of armor, etc. Now, i'm certainly no expert on the matter, but it seems like it would be so much easier to these same operations in maya and a lot of these artists typically have access to maya as well (usually used later in the tutorial in some function), but still do this modeling step in Zbrush. Why the Zmodeler preference? Is it just their personal preference, does it handle certain operations better than Maya, or is it something else?

Another question, is it more common for people in the industry, provided they have Zbrush and Maya, to do hard surface modeling in Maya or in Zbrush?

I understand this could be pretty opinionated but I'm curious what people with more experience in the field think about the utilization of these tools.  
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