[UE4] Church of Unitology - Dead Space fan art


A personal project with a focus on using of trim sheets and tiling textures in environment production.

If anyone is interested a daily blog of my progress during this project can be found here http://jameshmontague.com/Blog1.html (Apologies if the site doesn't work properly on mobile devices)

It's been a tough learning process so far but it's finally taking shape and I've learnt a lot over the last 8 weeks, any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I'll try and get some more screenshots as I progress  :)

Week 1 shot:

Week 2 shot:

Week 3 shot:

Week 4 shot:

Week 5 shot:

Week 6 shot:

Week 7 shot:

Week 8 shot:

Current Progress:


  • Wigbig
    I've been playing around with lighting as I've had issues with it, and also changing the albedo values in the scene. I feel like the lighting is improving and I'm getting closer to capturing the mood of the room a bit more.

  • Macebo
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    Macebo polygon
    I love the Dead Space series (second instalment being my favorite) and i got to say: this is a really impressive work. The composition is great.

    Definetly go for that cold, eerie lighting. It reminds me of lovecraftian horror someway... The fog is great, and i apreciate that you didn't go over the top with the post process.

    I don't know what happened (if you uploaded a lower resolution screenshot) but this shot :

    Looks sharper and more readable than a later one

    Specially the adjacent parts of the big, central glowing glass.

    I like the more desaturated version of the later one -- something that i think more appropriate for a horror environment.

    But in the first image i like that we can see the golden details on those twisted pilars --  something that disapeared in the latest shots.

    Overall i enjoyed this a lot. :)
  • Wargo522
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    Wargo522 vertex
    dang. this is real nice. I need to start a scene.
  • Wigbig
    @Macebo Thankyou for the feedback, I think I had chromatic aberration on in that second screenshot...

    Anyway, I completely stripped the lighting and started again and I think it looks better now. I was using a lot of point lights as fill lights before, whereas now I have strong lights aimed down through the windows in the roof of the room which do a fairly good job of lighting the room. I also have a low intensity skylight and a light behind the large window for lighting the floor and pillars a bit. 

    I've also been wrestling with reflection capture actors, trying to get them to work the way I want, and it seems I still need to work out how to get the pillars looking good again. 

    It's a steep learning curve as it's my first time trying to lighting a scene of this size and complexity, so if anyone has any tips related to lighting, I would much appreciate it!

  • Macebo
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    Macebo polygon
    I'm really liking the direction you're going. The details and readability are back again.

    About the lighting, you could post this at the Unreal subforum, asking for specifics on what you're struggling with.

    Just keep doing what you're doing, because this project has a lot of potential :)
  • heyeye
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    heyeye polycounter lvl 4
    There's a great series on youtube here: 
    And his thread on UE4 forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?134195-Unreal-4-Lighting-Academy-or-something-like-that-

    He walks through his approach on fixing someone else's lighting, and you get to see a lot of his trial and error, along with having a strong foundation before getting into more tweaks.

    They get a little bit long winded, but there's a ton of great information on the proper way to light in UE4
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