Redshift tutorials for beginners

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jesusfc vertex
Hello Everyone, My name is Jesus Fernandez and I am working on a series of tutorials for redshift, this is my first post here so do not actually know if this is the right thread. 

I decided to make a thread where I will put the tutorials on the forum and announce them here hope this does not break any rules.

Some of my work can be seen here.  and this is my latest work 

Also I have a patreon account with exclusive models and tutorials for Maya mostly to support the free tutorials

And here is the list of Redshift for beginners tutorials

Physical Light

Zdepth AOV

Ambient Oclussion AOV

Puzzle map AOV

Object Id / Clown Pass

Interior Lighitng

Subsurface Scattering

Also apart from this I am working on some streams and complete series of tutorials that you can find on my PAGE

I will keep posting into this thread with all the information and new tutorials.


Cartoon Hair Part 1

Cartoon Hair Part 2  ( FREE LESSON  ON )

Procedural Materials 

Cloth and fabrics 

Creature Creation


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