PBR approach to skin?

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I'm working on a character and i'm having some problems with the skin. I've used MakeHuman to build the base mesh and MD to create the clothes. Unfortunately, MakeHuman doesn't have anything other than a diffuse texture for the skin. I've tried to use Bitmap2Material and NDO to generate a good normal to work with based on the diffuse, but no look. So i put the base mesh into Blender and started sculpting in order to add more detail.

Based on this workflow, i had some questions that would be great if more experience artists could answer:
  • How can i generate a good specular map from the original diffuse? Any special tips for skin?
  • Is this really the best approach? Or should i just dump the original diffuse and paint a new skin? I tried this, but my skin always looks like crap. Any good base materials to work with in Blender?


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