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Rocket 3F is Windows based Polygonal Modeller for Concept Artists and Designers.
Modeling with Rocket 3F is like drawing - very Simple and Inspiring!
The Most important feature of Rocket 3F is Workflow!
It is Fast Fun and Friendly!

Edit: I took over this post, since it was pointed out to me that the author simply registered here so he could get a free license with Rocket 3F's 'post on 7 forums about us' thing.


  • Michael Knubben
    When your very first post on a forum is a link to software, it does look a little suspect.

    Now I happen to know Rocket 3f and have a license, but start the thread off right and give people a little to work with! At least post some screenshots, and tell people what it is that it does that other software doesn't.

    As far as it being 'an alternative' to Blender, I disagree. It's a dedicated modeler with, last I checked, no UV unwrapping, animation or rendering. That puts it more in the category of 'tools for on the side' rather than a full-featured DCC application.
    It's also as I understand it a simplified version of NVIl (formerly Voidworld), so a little bit of information about the limitations and how it compares to that would be interesting.

    I also changed the title to this thread. 'New? 3D App' just isn't very informative.
  • samardac
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    samardac null
    Hay, we are glad to let you know that from versio 1.3.5 we introduce Pro and Corporate versions!

    Pro, is a flagship version of Rocket 3F, you can customize it the way you need it, you can change hotkeys, create your own User Interface, create your own StreamLine and Composite Tools, create your own Radial menu, etc...  you can change everything! 
    And the main feature is that you will get thousands and thousands of new tools that is not available in Free and Basic versions.

    You can get it here:
  • s1dK
  • SpaceRogue
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    SpaceRogue polycounter lvl 2
    Gave this app a testrun last night because I will jump ship from Max fairy soon, I'll say I'm very interested considering it has no monthly sub, is affordable and just does modelling, witch is all I need. I honestly do not need a behemoth like max but its what I'v been trained in, I do have Blender (because who doesn't) but by god the learning curve is astronomical even with plugins ... 

    And I have to confess, I loved every moment of Rocket, modeling goes pretty smooth and coming from other apps people should have little problem converting. The UI looks great, I love the sleek grey it gives the app a more serious but also pleasant look. Everything you need is at your fingertips, its nice to see a MoI3D for polygonal modeling. Well, almost everything. Simple actions like setting the meshes orient point to 0.0.0 seemed impossible as there are no means of setting values in anywhere at all (? well thers gridsnap at least ) I have jet to figure out how to mirror and array efficiently and some other smaller annoyances like there only being a manual cut and no vertex to vertex connect. But the hard and smooth edges thing is a complete mystery to me as the free version only comes with Hard edges, that do not really do as I say, rofl. Guess I can't ditch Max that soon.

    regardless I think I'll give this app a shot for the next few weeks, see how usable it is for an enviro modeler and cartoony handpainted assets, and follow up on its development. Thank you kindly to Micheal for letting me know this app exists :)

  • samardac
  • samardac
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    samardac null
    Hay, some more videos:

  • samardac
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