Zeppelin Port Town

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Hey guys, I've got a month left before I need to submit this for my final year project at university. My main focus for improvements is on lighting and texture adjustments. I'd love to hear any feedback you might have to share! 


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    I did a quick paintover. 
    At the moment, the majority of your scene is very dark. You can pull out some interesting details to add some visual interest to your scene without drawing focus. I used fog planes behind dark silhouettes as well as some lighting on interesting features.
    A cool night lighting trick is to back-light everything, and make horizontal surfaces more shiney. You can see I added in a shinier cobblestone road, which hopefully guides the eye towards your zeppelin. I added some spotlights to the zeppelins themselves to pull focus. I also replaced the sky because at the moment, I think its clashes with your lighting. Personally, I like the idea that your forground scene is slummy, and everything beyond the wall is wealthier and more energetic. Whatever your motivation is, be sure to push the story you want to convey. 
    Finally, I'd recommend against using DOF or blur on a wide shot like this.
    I look forward to seeing updates! best of luck:)

  • Retribution
    Thanks for the awesome critique and paint over to boot! I thoroughly appreciate everything you've done there, I can see a tonne of improvements to pursue thanks to this. I particularly love the spotlights and road highlights, and can see how the light intensifiers are certainly working to the enhance the scene. 
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    Firstly, thank you again Mark for your critique, it really helped drive a lot of discussion at my university whilst I was working on getting feedback on improvements. I took in to account what you were saying, analyzed the paint over and along with various other critiques, this is the current result! I've got 3 more weeks in which to continue tweaking this scene, and of course juggle my other university modules

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    At this time I'm not likely to make huge developments beyond what is seen here, as other projects have taken up a lot of my attention! Although when I have the time, I will tweak minor adjustments with the lighting with regards to reflections on the road if anything. 

    Special thanks to ParksMarks for his attentive feedback and suggestions! :-) 
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    Neat! Neat neat neat.

    Looks like the middle of a level, good job.
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