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Hi, I am a newcomer so I hope I didn't miss anything before making my first post.

I am working on my first "post-studies" piece to fill up my portfolio. It is a character designed by Xa for the game Wakfu MMO. I am planning to make a fully functional game asset out of it messing around with some rigging and animation tool just for the sake of sculpting something suitable  for the industry since I am not really an animator.

I need some and critiques and advices before going on with the retopo and texturing.  I plan on making more hair details post baking too.
I wasn't sure about the positioning of the hair since I wanted to be able to pose them around when the asset is finished.

Here's the reference :

I downgraded the chest a little bit as well as the hip. I find the 2D piece really pleasing to look at but I fear awkwardness in 3D about the proportions so I tried to go a bit more natural with them.

Thanks in advance for your advice and sorry for my poor English !


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