Need a 3D model of the StarCraft 1 marine (no rigging, uvs, or textures, just the model)

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It's not a terribly complicated model, I'm just at a time disadvantage and my modeling skills are pretty rusty. I need something extremely close to the various reference images I'll provide, I don't mind a bit of personal tweaks/flair in the model however.

I used to do commission 3D work, but I prefer to do my own projects and like the animation/lighting/rendering phases much more.
I JUST need a complete 3D model but only the model. I do not need UVs, rigging, or textures, but the model should be made with these things in mind -- as I will prepare the model for animation once I get it.

The model should be made so that it can be easily converted by me to high poly, starting from a point of decent but manageable polygon density
I pay through paypal, the price we will determine. I'll give you a week, which should be enough time. I don't anticipate this being too hard or taking too long, so it should be a quick buck for anyone interested. 

Please pm me! We can discuss questions, details, price, timing, etc.
Also, mods, if for whatever weird reason you find issue with this post, please tell me so I can fix it, I spent forever finding all these reference images.

I just need the armored suite. Don't need the gun or the dude inside it. Below are a couple reference videos and a lot of reference images. Google "starcraft 1 marine", you may find some more images."

(this has some other angles, but it's a toy, so don't take it too seriously.)
Just drawings, dont take too literally.

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