KA52 Russian Helicopter

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likenota vertex
Modeled this awhile back. re rendered it. what yall think? 


  • Bek
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    Bek greentooth
    Well, my main critique is that it's not very accurate — most of the large shapes are clearly wrong, the nose being the biggest offender (Not only is the iconic shape wrong, but what you have looks lumpy). The cockpit glass, engine covers, wings, tail, rotor assembly, landing gear... all have quite odd shapes compared to the real deal. There's a bunch of parts missing too. But, it's a complicated piece of machinery. Take away? Perfect the blockout before moving on to get the most accurate result with the least amount of wasted effort adjusting complicated geo.
  • sacboi
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    sacboi greentooth

    Additionally when capturing relevant data from orthographic 2D references, I'd recommend using a Scalable Vector Graphics format or vector drawings (.svg) they're universally utilised in order too validate a consistent precision especially if an accurate rendition of the subject matter is the end goal, in fact there's a paid example for this particular aircraft type available here:


  • chibo
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    chibo null
    Крылья висячей геометрией или показалось?
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