Cheap mocap setup for an amateur?

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armagon polycounter lvl 6
I'm interested in creating a mocap setup so i can animate a few characters for my open-source project. The biggest feature i need is good finger accuracy, since i'm planning to use mocap data for first-person hands. I was taking a look at iClone's Perception Neuron, but it's way over my budget.

Do you guys recommend anything?


  • MikeF
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    MikeF polycounter lvl 13
    Ive used this for finger mocap in the past and it worked great for most scenarios that didnt have much occlusion

    You can gwt a leap for under 75 usd nowadays. As far as combining that with a full body syatem you might need something else. Ive seen a few instances of people using a couple kinects in opposibg corners of your capture area with pretty good success. If you need more accuracy then i think neuron is your next step up
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