Emissive properties as seen through glass disappear when looked at from a certain angle

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Ashervisalis greentooth
Hey! So I've got these glass beakers, and they have liquids inside which are emissive. As you can see in the first picture, the emissive property is working well. However, when the camera rises vertically and you look at the beakers from a higher angle, as seen in the second picture, the emissive property turns off. I've been trying to find a fix but can't seem to work anything out.

If I turn off the glass mesh, so its just the liquids hovering solo, this issue doesn't happen; the liquids remain emissive. But, as soon as I bring back the glass, the issue returns.

Two more questions;
-Is there an easy way to make the translucent glass material cast a shadow?
-My oven is double sided, and as you can see in the second image, the light is actually glowing through the mesh. How would I prevent this from happening?

Thanks for any help!!
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