How efficient is Zbrush regarding Hard Surface Modeling

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Krato polygon
Hey there,

I have reached a point in my Zbrush path where I want to start incorporating hard surfaces. I have seen a few tutorials on youtube of varying quality showing people making helmets and other hard surface objects on Zbrush. I'm wondering what your opinions on the matter is. I have some experience on Blender and I understand the workflow there. However, as a modeling tool Zbrush feels much more free and workable compared to Blender. In many of the tutorials I've seen regarding Z-hard surfaces many of the objects still appear somewhat 'organic' and not really solid and hard edged. I'm not sure if that's due to the limitations of the program or the artist. I'm curious what your opinions/insights are regarding this. I know everyone has their own approach. Although, if zbrush is actually a strong tool for making hard surface tools than I would much rather stay in one program than hop between Blender/Zbrush all the time.



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