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Hello, I have been lurking for longer than I should (pretty much since the CS:GO x Polycount contest) so finally, after following my friends advice, I decide to join the active part of polycount and start posting my work results in order to get feedback from skilled artists that see and know more than me.

When creating skins I mix the use of Photoshop, Substance Painter and 3D Coat, I'm still fairly new to anything but PS so my workflow often looks awkward, but I'm getting there and with each skin I am meating less obstacles.

Some of my recent stuff:

M4A1-S Stinger:

I wanted to use the front grip as a striped-stinger which in my opinion fitted the character of the gun in-game, decided on SCI-Fi setting as a high-tech futurystic update to M4 called "stinger". Wanted the shapes ot be more organic and materials to be a bit rougher to resemble the feel of hornets armor. Most of the work done in Substance Painter, with some of the shapes masked out prior in PS, after creating normal map and baking light had some fixing in PS and 3D coat.

Galil AR | Cogworks:

The goal of this design was to recreate stempunk setting while using the rifle bolt animation as interactive part of the skin. Ended up puting lots of cogs and guages in copper/brass and stylized font as core connections to the steampunk theme end used moving bolt as active gauge displaying current pressure. Most of the design created in PS, then imported as a black map to Substance Painter which let me create materials nad make normal map.

SG 553 | Gauss Rifle:

The idea behind this skin was to use the geometry of the model in building "gauss rifle" story. With the front grip resembling to me quite a lot Gauss guns from different games I decided to paint it in cyan glow, use stock as a battery connected with wires and powering the whole gun. This is failr even split between Substance Painter, 3D Coat and Photoshop as due to how important the pefect usage of geometry was it required lots of handpaint, couldn't use too much of automization.

More of my designs can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kasiworkshop/myworkshopfiles/?appid=730

I'm looking forward to any feedback I can get (to the skins i posted here or anything I made under the steam link), hoping to learn from you all, thanks for checking my work out!


  • D A T B O Y
    Those are some cool skins man! Could you share how do you create previews of your skins ingame? 
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    Those are some cool skins man! Could you share how do you create previews of your skins ingame? 
    I have just finished my new skin - Mac-10 | Tenebras [Full Moon], it was mostly made in PS masking with Substance Painter texturing.

    Link to more screenshots and all the backstory explained: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876114029

    Hey, thanks man, not sure what you  mean, but I Imagine you are talking about how to put the skin to view it in-game. If that is the case, then this video explains it very well:

    If you were asking about something else, just ask again a bit more precisely. :)

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    First: Thank you for featuring my Tenebras skin on the front page, it is a huge honor for me!

    Just uploded my new skin to CS:GO workshop, it is Negev Big Spender. Context of the idea for this skin is quite simple: Negev is the most expensive gun in the game, yet not too usefull or good, just big with lots of ammo, huge rof but uncontrollable recoil - hence why never used in any kind of competitve effort. I wanted to design a skin that helps to justify its price and makes it look fancy for the time when players buy it during a match to show of how big their advantage over opponents are.

    As for a workflow - this skin is a "classic" now in my book as it is perfect 50/50 split between PS in which I was preparing masks for SP to later fill them with materials information. On top of it there was some 3D Coat work to fix projection issues and add details to some textures.

    For more screenshots, videos, sketchfab, etc. come check it out on workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887660006

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