Second week 3D scultping (Zbrush). Requesting Tips/Resources/Critiques

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Krato polygon

Just bought zbrush two weeks ago and I have been sculpting on it daily since. I'm new to 3D modeling in general, I spent about a month prior becoming basic-level familiar with Blender. I want to be very skilled with Zbrush and modeling in general, however, I'm a complete noob, I've never sculpted before traditionally or otherwise and Zbrush (3D sculpting in general) adds a whole suite of technical challenges. I've been going through tutorials, asking the occasional dumb question on here, and chugging through all the technical issues I've encountering on Zbrush. I'm hoping with the aid of this community I can receive additional help and tips as well as critiques. With that said...

 Critique my work, take a dump on it. If something is wrong or feels wrong please tell me. I want to be one of the best and in order to do that I need to produce shitty work for a long time and continue to learn. 

Furthermore, If you post here I'll be sure to repay a visit to your page. I'm all about that community experience. 

So, on with the the first post...

This is my third attempt at making a person, the first two had serious workflow issues (I didn't know better!), but thanks to some solid advice from the community I was able to start this person over again with a better flow. 

Technical Issues: 
1. Something is wrong with the global position of my objects. The body is directly in the red cross-hairs of the 'preview' window. However, the hair, glove, and eye subtools, are not aligned with the cross-hair.  Messing with them right now, they seem to be behaving normally with mirror. However, earlier I was having some issues trying to get the "subtool master" plugin to mirror correctly.  I spammed the set pivot point/clear pivot point controls until it stopped behaving strangely but I certainly don't understand how the local/global system works fundamentally yet on Zbrush.

2. I want to retopo the ears, they have a really high amount of poly stretch. Anyway to remesh their polycount without having to delete/interfere with the main body's resolution or making a new subtool? 

3. Initialize Zbrush seems like a really casual tool for other people however when i use it it freezes and crashes my zbrush. any idea whats up with that?
Design Challenges:
1. This is my first time giving a model hair/clothing. I have been using the masking tool to accomplish this. As the last image shows, I don't now how to make the straps appear taut. They look really sloppy. Any advice?


I'll post more updates as I continue to work on this and other projects. I'm follow along with a tutorial path (as well as others as needed) and I believe painting is coming up next. I expect to have some issues in that department as well. 

Anyway, thanks for looking!

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