terrain method for UE4

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hi, im creating a project, the world are not too big and not too small too,
and it have multiple island , and some area like forest are restrict for explore, so people focused exploring on main area that created for exploration
its semi open world but i should restrict some unnecesary area so player can focus on playing, and i can focus only
modelling and create a silhouette of specific area
i want to ask for opinion
should i use terrain or basic modeling for the terrain?

as i know, using terrain can produce so much of bug, the slope texture are look not good
take too much polygon

if use basic modelling, it took not too much polygon, it has more of creative freedom
it more controlable, but it hard to make a good natural organic shape

the wicher use terrain, and uncharted use basic modelling
and there should be a good reason why they choose what they choose

and i really confuse with methods i should adobt,


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