substance painter could not find vertex colors (trying to learn texturing)

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ISUther triangle

I have my model (sculpt in zbrush)
And have question how to do it. 
My goal is to learn how texturing is done in production pipeline. 
Here is my last work that was created based on ref image

Used keyshot 
Mesh had no maps or uv-s or anything. 
I just sculped in zbrush and ecported as obj file. 
It did not have any UV-s or anything. 
I am scratching the surface here. 
Trying to understand UV maps, and other maps etc. 
I have installed substance designed, keyshot and substance painter.
Should i do UV-s in maya?
I did read from somewhere that zbrush UV-s are not used in production pipeline


  • Jerc
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    Jerc greentooth
    Substance Painter and Designer will need UVs to work with. You can create them in ZBrush or Maya. Maya will give you more control over the UV placement, allowing you to pack more details into your final textures.
  • ISUther
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    ISUther triangle
    Thank you for this feedback. 
    Testing also out Mari but i think that will need also UV-s.
    As i did have plan to learn Maya also i better pick it up and start learning. 
    But before learning UV placements i think i need to look up for some good tutorials over all how to use maya (shortcut keys and canvas commands etc). 

    So far what i understand is: 
    Houdini mainly for VFX effects and furr
    Maya is similar but i did read that riging is better in Maya. 
    Modeling also in Houdini or Maya
    Mudbox or zBrush for sculpting
    And Substance designer to create materials 
    Substance painter and Mari for texturing.

    Substance painter more for hard surfaces
    Mari more for organic surfaces.

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