Chris Anka Final Major Project- Looking for any feedback possible :)

Hi there my name is Chris and I am a final year student on a game art course aspiring to be a character concept artist. The Nature of this post will be a thread documenting my work in addition for looking any feedback that is available which will be my primary objective. So if possible if anyone here would have any advice on feedback on my work so far as well as chasing this aspiration it would be greatly appreciated :)

So for my final major project I am concepting 12 character factions for a Sci-fi post apocalyptic RPG sort of IP. So far I have worked on this project for 3 weeks and have produced concepts for 1 clan so far; A raider esc clan of underground Mole People.

Anyway I am really excited to hear your feedback whatever the nature it may be. Recently I have been feeling a bit at a loss on working out how I would achieve such a goal so hear any feedback  or advice possible will be greatly appreciated and needed :)

Thank you


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