[WIP] Samus Aran, Zero Suit - Stylized PBR fan art

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Hello Polycounters!


After a few months of being busy moving and settling to a new place with new job, I finally have time to work on personal projects again.

As a long-time Metroid fan, I have always wanted to make a fan art of Samus. 
After seeing Allan Lee's amazing take on Samus recently on the webs, I fell in love with the series again and decided to finally do mine.

I am going for a stylized Zero Suit Samus, with Overwatch, Paladins, HotS in mind as references.
I'm thinking about a very dynamic final pose, with Samus and her gun, either running or jumping, in addition to probably a more static stance on other shots.

Here are my main references on a board:

And my current progress:

So I mainly blocked the hair shape, worked on a pretty advanced state of the face for what I'm aiming to get (willing to improve some features though, need help on this, something still seems off to me but can't seem to find what ><), and got the body base clean with the first layer of the suit.

I'm now going to tweak the suit with some circular pads plugged in the suit itself, as seen in Gantz and Neon Genesis Evangelion, for instance. Also she will get the black holsters and straps seen on the young Samus concepts from Metroid Other M (see ref board) which I find very interesting in giving fresh air to the classic Zero Suit and playing with contrasts/inner shapes. She will also need a pistol. I'll probably go for a HK MK23-ish gun mixed with D.Va's pistol (Overwatch), making it more like a blaster than a modern pistol.

I'm glad to post here again, feeling fresh for this new project. I hope to get some feedback from you guys, knowing from past experiences in here that it is greatly valuable and enhances the quality of my works!

Thanks for checking this thread, have a nice day.


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