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I was excited to see the Death Stranding trailer and the actors looking damn good in it.  It also seems to a lot of people (myself included) getting good hair, skin, eyes, and mouth can be a daunting task these days.  You might have dedicated a lot of time at getting a great sculpt - then you have a whole new hurdle to get it looking great in engine.  So I emailed Vimal Kerketta  and he gave his permission to use his Mads Mikkelsen giveaway as a base for bringing it through a game art pipeline and creating a discussion here on current best practices.

So far I did a rough re-topo/bake.  I added eyes and my trusty chompers in Toolbag.

I'm far from the authority on how to do everything but I'm going to fumble through it in the coming few weeks and, for better or worse, show the process I have put together so far.

Attacking in this order:
Rigging with a couple of blend shapes

I'll begin posting the files if anyone wants to mess with them and show their own techniques.

So please jump in to ask any questions, provide answers, or correct my mistakes as I try to hit the Death Stranding target in Toolbag 3.

Files will start going up tomorrow night somewhere and I'll post links to the realtime mesh in progress.  Or if you want to start your own right now go grab Vimals files and post your progress here please.

Special thanks to Vimal, here's his work again if you want to get inspired

- Thanks!


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