3D Modo Mining



  • likenota
    Modo Mining. critiques welcomed.
  • McGreed
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    You have a problem with scaling, the bolts looks way too big compared to the food, it makes it look like miniture build. The texture as well for the wood makes it hard to get a feel of the scale, as well the thickness, they look like they would bugle and break if you step on it.
    You should ask yourself, what kind of wood is it, why is it that color, which part will be dirtied when working on it, would the bolt stick out like that.
    I like the colors of the rocks, though they have the same scaling problem as the wood, but I have a problem figure out where the mine entrance actually is. Something that would also help, is like piles of dirt and rocks.
  • likenota
     awesome feedback. yeah im not really sure. the screws were intentially left big to give a more cartoon look of some sort. i never really had much a direction of this project. I think i will go back and fix these issues and go for more of real scene and do the things you suggested. thx!
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