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_Zerg_ null
Hello everybody

This is my portfolio : https://youtu.be/0fpKDRjrRwk .


  • CrackRockSteady
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    CrackRockSteady Polycount Sponsor
    I'm not a character artist so I won't comment on the work, but I would recommend having your portfolio on a website with still images and maybe 3d viewers, most people/employers are not going to sit through 3 and a half minutes of slow character turnarounds.
  • Rambo4you
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    Rambo4you polycounter lvl 4

    I think @CrackRockSteady definitely has the right idea. I would suggest cutting the video short after 2 minutes, it feels like the quality of works keeps going down fast after that, and I don't think it justifies the knowledge you have. In addition, I would wonder what your area of work would be. Would it be games? then I would expect some wireframes, polycounts, textures sizes and what not.

    For some reason the third character does not do the trick for me, the face does not fit the rest of the body.I can see you have put sometime to it, and it would be a shame to remove it. What I would suggest is to keep working on that piece.

    Hope the comment helps

  • rexus
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    rexus polycounter lvl 10
    take out the unfinished work looks good though
  • Sense42
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    Sense42 polycounter lvl 2
    As said from the other I think the main problem is the video's length. You should really try to keep it below one minute with only your best and finished work. 
    Since you are applying as a character artist you should show also the wireframe and the polycount. Showing close up, textures breakdown and good UV layout is surely a plus. And as said by @CrackRockSteady you should think about having your portfolio in still images: this way a recruiter don't get bored on a video and he can see if there's what he's looking for.
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