3ds Max auto-planar unwrapping while extruding

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Lately Ive been looking into speeding up my workflow and improving iteration and testing of my assets in UE4, but one thing that really slows me down when it comes to designing buildings is that they can be time consuming and tedious to unwrap or edit everytime I make an edit to the mesh. Currently in Max, every new face I create from extruding I have to unwrap it and correct the scale, align and all that non sense to get the texture correct. 

The quickest way I can think of doing this without all the hassle is to automatically planar map the newly extruded face while keeping it normalized to the proportions of the face, but Im not sure how that can work in Max. If youve used engines like Source 2, CryEngines designer tools, or even any BSP editor, youll know how fast it is to iterate and create levels when the geometry automatically gets unwrapped and keeps its scaling correctly no matter the dimensions. A recent example of this is ProBuilder for Unity, it automatically unwraps each face when created, whether with extruding or another method and it speeds up your workflow quite a bit.

Max does have the option to preserve UVs when translating edges,faces,vertex, etc but when you attempt to create a new face from extruding, the UV becomes stretched forcing you to redo the whole process of unwrapping for that single face.


If you watch this video of ProBuilder for Unity, youll see what I am talking about with the auto unwrapping, and just how quick it is for environmental art like buildings.


Is there anyway we can get something similar to this process in 3ds Max?


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