Critique, Mountain landscape concept practice.

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Jaykrass vertex

Besides the obvious rocks that need to be worked on, how does it look so far? Opinions, critiques?


  • CBolyer
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    CBolyer polycounter lvl 3
    This looks similar to some of my first few attempts at painting in Photoshop with a tablet. You have some nice depth created in your image, but I think you really need to push everything further before we can really give any solid feedback. How ever much time you spent to get this far, double it, come back and share an update. Looking forward to your progress,

  • miguelnarayan
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    miguelnarayan polycounter lvl 2
    I think you need to do way more of these, you're at a -very- early stage and there is lots to improve, but you'll naturally figure out what and why, don't worry about getting critique on this one in particular. Invest your time in one that really takes you some time and then ask for C&C
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