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Hey everyone,

I just baked a normal map using substance, for my Rolleiflex camera model. I used a cage when baking the normal map, I've never made a cage for substance before, i just named every part of the cage the same as the part its caging with an "_cage" suffix and exported it as an FBX.

Anyway I'm pretty happy with the normal map but I'm getting a weird problem where normal information from some parts is projecting onto other parts they are near to, when usually the normal information only gets applied to parts with the same name. In other words "part_a_low" should only get normal info from "part_a_high" but its also getting normal info from "part_b_high".

Sorry such a long winded explanation lol! Not sure what the problem is but I'm wondering if its my cage causing it as this is my first time using a cage and I never had this problem before. The cages for some parts are also quite big in relation to what they're caging. I have no idea if this is what's causing it though.

Heres a screenshot for even more info..!


Many thanks in advance


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