UV padding in UE4 - How to properly setup

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I have couple of questions about padding in UE4.

1. Shells padding - I know, this is necessary to avoid texture bleeding. 1px is minimum, 2px is safe, but we have mipmaps, where textures are downsampled, then we need more space between shells. When we have texture with size 1024px and we set 8px shell padding, then mipmaps 512px -> 4px, 256px -> 2px, 128px has only 1px and 64px to down are without needed padding and we get bleeding. Is there some general rule, how big padding is needed for specific size of texture, because if model in game has size 1m or has 10m is huge difference. Have you same experiences, what do you recommend ?

2. UV Border padding - I remember in UDK in default settings, UDK automatic add 1px arround uv border, then
there was a problem especially with lightmaps. First question is, do same thing UE4 as UDK, if yes, so can be turned off ? Second question is, I need same padding around UV border as is set for shell padding. How are handled textures in UE4. UE4 create some atlas MegaTextures or ?

3. Mipmaps for texture and lightmap are locked together ? When I have texture with 1024px then I have 10 mipmaps, and lightmap with 64px has 6 mipmaps or for lightmaps are not generated mipmaps. If yes are locked together, if first texture mipmap with size 512px, then on object is set lightmap with full resolution 64px or is used first mimap 32px ?

Sorry for my grammar, Thank you.


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