Skyrim Alchemy Table progress thread

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Ashervisalis keyframe
I've decided to start doing video game props from my favourite concept artists. First one is the alchemy table from Skyrim, by Ray Lederer as seen here:
Constructive criticism would be more than appreciated!

The first piece I've done for it is the medieval microscope furthest from the view (thought it was the coolest thing in the image). Since it's a small part of the scene, I've tried to keep it somewhat low poly. This is 712 tris and 512 maps. model

I've been chipping away at the table but got stuck figuring out how to do the carved lines in the table. I'll be focusing on that and creating an alpha in Photoshop, then using it in ZBrush. I've got a bunch of the bottles made, but I'm a little weary at their polycount, as they're going to need an inside for the refraction of the glass. If I'm correct, the glass material will need to be created inside the engine. It'll be my first time using an engine for rendering, so will be a learning experience!


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