Ori And The Blind Forest fan art

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Rolang polycounter lvl 4
Hello! Decided to practice environment creation. Most of the time I just like doing characters. This is a fan art of one of my favorite games Ori And The Blind Forest. :) Not super happy with the finished images, but I learned a lot and already started working on new environment. I am happy to hear some feedback. :)

Wires and some older wip stuff also.

I also made some tiling textures, but in the end I did not use them that much.


  • Ged
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    Ged polycounter lvl 11
    looks like you did a really good job, well done getting it all finished! I think you could add some warmer tones here and there to give it more focus and charm, it seems a bit too cold all over to me and there is some sort of sharpen on some parts making it look a bit scratchy on the eyes. I think it would be nice if it was a bit softer in places, more like the original game graphics, sorry if that doesnt make a lot of sense.
  • Neox
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    Neox interpolator
    @ged: it makes perfect sense :) @rolang: wow such crazy amount of work, looks great but i agree with ged, it could be softer and maybe tad flatter but nice work regardless! i'll link this to the moon studios guys :)
  • Rolang
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    Rolang polycounter lvl 4
    @Ged Thank you! Yes, I think you are right. My biggest feeling was that the whole scene feels the same, but I was also a bit afraid I would lose viewers focus from the the characters. And yes, now that you said it, I also see that lots of things are too sharp.

    @Neox Thank you! This was very different to what I am used to and I did lots of different experiments, I learned a lot. :) Originally I was thinking of not using any normal maps etc and just have hand painted textures, but I think it looked interesting with them. I'll see if I can improve it a little bit. Maybe I'll add warmer lights, that come from the firefly's and soften some normals. Thanks! :)
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