Joe's MA Game Art Thread

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JLHGameArt greentooth
Hello all you talnted artists,

I've just started the MA in Game Art & Design at Hertfordshire University.

I'm going to keep a work thread on here for any feedback & critiques. There are some truly incredible artists here, who's feedback would be invaluable.

Our first week's brief is 'Red Chases Blue'. We will be assigned a different brief each week (we just need to flesh out the idea for each brief, and then we can pick two to develop further), which we can interpret them how we like, and keep it focused on our particular are of interest. With me it's environments. Before starting this MA I haven't really touched UE4 (was using Unity), or Substance Painter, so I'm using these weekly projects to try and learn as much as I can.

My current 'To do' list based on some feedback:

1. Make it a night scene? Current light is too distracting from the 'spirits'.
2. Add some more bend variation to the bamboo (currently a bit too straight)
3. Particle trail to the spirits
4. Investigate substance painter for painting water effects to some of the worn stone
5. Model 'shrine' area at end of trail
6. Adjust spirit animation so they fly off to the shrine area.
7. Ground is currently a bit flat, try adjust the ground material setup so I can vert paint in some variation
8. Have a fly-through camera for video for submission

There's a lecture on Materials and shaders tomorrow which I'm going to use to learn how to add some nice looking moss onto my rocks and stone models.


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