Seams showing up between separate textures

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slosh polycounter
So, I'm trying to bake out a character's nude body and I keep getting seams between the separate textures.  Admittedly, this is my first time trying to break the body apart from the arms and legs but I've always baked the head separate and never had seam issues like this.  I attached an image of the seams that occur at the UV shell borders between textures on the arms and legs with the torso.  I actually couldn't see  a seam where the neck meets the torso though.  I tried more padding but that didn't work.  I bake in xnormal and these screenshots are from marmoset.  It's not a marmoset issue cuz I see the same seams in maya as well.  Texture res should not be an issue either since these are all 4k maps.  I thought it was maybe because I flipped the one arm and one leg in the UV sheet to maximize res but there are seams on both arms and both legs.  Any ideas would be appreciated!


  • ZippZopp
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    ZippZopp polycounter lvl 10
    the first thing i'd do is try baking it somewhere else to see if it is an xnormal issue or a geometry issue.  i'd try substance painter first because it can handle multiple texturesets like this.  if it bakes fine in there, than maybe it is a problem with xnormal not handling multi uv tiles properly.  

    in the past, prior to baking in painter, I'd have to make some temporary bake meshes by adding the adjacent strip of geometry to each UV shell.  for example, take your arm UV shells and shrink them down just enough so you can add one row of geometry from the torso.  bake that by itself and then you'll get an appropriate bake across the seam.  you'll have to do the same for each UV tile. 

    the other issue could potentially be vertex normals at the seam lines.  are you baking this with averaged normals or are there hard edges at the seams?
  • slosh
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    slosh polycounter
    I figured it out!  It was a maya mesh normal issue.  That was carrying over into the normal bake.  Thanks ZippZopp for the feedback though!
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