[RELEASED] PBR Trash Can Prop Set

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PBR Trash Can Prop Set - Now Available!

From Thinking Bacon

Perfect for use in many settings, such as city parks, apartment complex, amusement parks, carnivals, school campus, and shopping malls.

  • 7 unique models

  • LODs inlcuded

  • Calibrated PBR textures for the Standard Shader (Metallic Setup)

  • Clean and worn versions of each

  • 1 texture set can be used to create 11 different colored materials

  • Over 70 prefabs ready to use

Rubber Can Liner:

Metal Can (comes in two version, one solid and one with removable lid):

Round Steel Can:

Barrel Can:

Wooden Park can:

Gravel Textures Can w/ Ashtray:

Over 70 prefabs with multiple colors from a single texture set per can, achieved by using a detail color LUT:

A Detail Color Look-Up Texture(LUT) is a small texture that's used to hold specific color swatch in a specific spot that the material can "look-up" and use. This PBR Trash Can set uses a color LUT so the main body of the model can be changed in color, without changing the color of any unique wear detail on the textures. We make use of Unity 5's Standard shader's detail map section to do this. The main body color of the material can be changed by simply changing the UV offset of the detail color LUT. Neat, right? This is what it looks like:

Now available on the Unity Asset Store: PBR Trash Can Prop Set 

Website: Thinking Bacon

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